Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


How to Design for Voice: 5 Tips to Get Started
By Florence Collins on
This articles looks at some of the things that make voice interaction differ from regular interactions carried out on graphical user interfaces.

Amazon And The UX Of Advanced Targeting
By Theo Miller on
“Prices fluctuate. From gasoline to milk, they always change. The software that drives these interactions is what’s new. It can introduce two total strangers by crunching data. As these efficiencies compound, the world should become more satisfying.”

Case study: How to successfully relaunch your website and enhance UX
By Alex Jasin on
“This case study shows that they learned that UX requires constant monitoring and that work is never over. Content marketing is much more than the content itself. You have to create a great experience for your readers if they’re going to engage with the content.”

What You Should Know About User Experience
By Nick Babich on
This article reviews what UX and UX design in, the role of the UX designer, how to recognize great UX design and why you should care about UX.

Removing Friction In UX: Last-Minute Travel Planning And Activity Booking (A Case Study)
By on
“In this article, we’ll present a case study and share observations on the project we designed and built, GetLocal, an online travel-agency and booking platform in Iceland. We will share how we created a booking platform that tackles multiple challenges faced by mobile users, by building a responsive website with super-fast search and a mobile-optimized booking experience.”

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