Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup

A 100-Year View of User Experience
“The UX profession has grown substantially since 1950 and it is now truly worldwide. Even so, the expected growth until 2050 will dwarf anything we’ve seen so far. Many drivers of UX growth are not immediately apparent to most people in the field.”

Imagery in Newsletters: Make Your Marketing Emails Visual But Don’t Sacrifice Usability
“Newsletter recipients expect high-quality images, but excessive focus on graphic design can result in emails that are illegible, unusable, and can’t deliver on business goals.”

Participatory Design in Practice
by Olga Elizarova, Jen Briselli on
This article review what participatory Design is, isn’t, and how it actually works.

6 great UX design talks you can watch online
In October, specialist UX agency Nomensa held its fourth annual conference at the British Museum in London. This article shares a few of the talks related to UX – from practical examples of how UX happens in growing service-led businesses to more inspirational discussions on how digital design can be used in the healthcare industry to improve lives and insights into how people really think and behave.




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