Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


Relaunching Launchpad: Disguising a UX Revolution within an Evolution
“Making a global change to a product like Launchpad is never simple. It requires deep coordination between the UX team, product leaders, engineering, as well as the salesforce.”

What Makes Users Abandon Your App?
By Hannah Levenson on
“There are many ways you can combat app abandonment, but in order to do so effectively, you must increase your awareness. Check out the 7 most common reasons plus the best solutions to these noteworthy pitfalls.”

How to Get Started in UX/UI Design?
By Trista liu on
This article gives some tips on how to get started in UX/UI design as well as explains the difference between UX/UI.

Architecture’s UX Problem
By Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan on
“As architecture comes alive with new technology, it needs its own UX breakthrough, a set of best practices that establish not only how an occupant might like a building to act, but also how a building itself can explain to a user why it’s designed a certain way–and how to control it.”




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