Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


Removing The Mystery Of UX Design
By Anthony Miller on
This article walks you through how to start a UX design project. The article will give you a taste of the techniques used by UX designers when working on designing or redesigning a product, as well as show you the order in which specific UX steps should be taken.

Three Challenges That Come With Transitioning from Graphic to UX Design, and Tips to Overcome Them
By Linn Vizard on
“As with any career transition, getting started is often the hardest part. For many designers, landing the first job or opportunity to flex your UX muscles takes a lot of time and perseverance.”

Why UX Professionals Must be Good Communicators
By Doug Collins on
“Our placement in our company’s organization and workflow means that communicating as a UX professional is both imperative and, at times, extremely difficult.”

Agile Is not Easy for UX: (How to) Deal with It
By Page Laubheimer on
Agile and UX work well together when management values UX, UX practitioners show leadership, the process isn’t strict, and UX is embedded on teams.

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