Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


How to Write Smarter User Stories for Product Design and Development
By Joe Natoli on
“In many cases, that may involve the creation of use cases and user stories. While both are valuable tools, neither go quite far enough in defining the problem and desired outcome.”

Tips for Icon Usability
By Aurora Harley on
6 UX guidelines to ensure that your users recognize your icons and know what they mean.

The 48-Hour Rule for Enterprise UX Projects
By Joe Natoli on
“This tactic is simple and means exactly what it says. If you’re familiar with design sprints, then you understand the value of validating a prototype as quickly as possible.”

Conducting the Technical Interview
By  on
This is a great review on how to conduct a technical interview and the differences between a technical and conventional interview.

Positive Reinforcement In UX Design
By “That is right: the fundamental unit of UX design is an interaction. That is why I find the word to be such an apt embodiment. So how do we create “good” interactions? If you are looking for the simplest way to do it (and as UXers, we always are), then look no further than positive reinforcement.”

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