Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


CapitalOne’s Alexa Project: Designing UX Without UI
By Indra Sofian on
This article is a summary of an interview with Stephanie Hay (Head of Content Strategy at Capital One), which explores the unique challenge of designing UX without a traditional UI.

Web Fonts are Critical to the Online User Experience – Don’t Hurt Your Reader’s Eyes
“Content really is King online. No matter how lovely your designs or how wonderful your navigation – without content, users are going elsewhere.”

Terrible UX Trends for 2017
By Christian Beck on
“In 2017, the best designers will use design systems. These are pages and pages of controls, colors, and fancy gridlines that show how something should be designed but not ACTUALLY designed.”

5 Inspiring user onboarding examples: great UX, better user engagement
By JustinMind on
This article discusses the importance, the basics and benefits of onboarding for a better user experience.

Top User Experience Trends Expected in 2017
By Yousef Khan on
This is a great review of some of the biggest, and impactful rising trends in user experience that we can expect to see in 2017 from conversational user interface to content chunking.

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