Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


How to Identify UX Design Problem
It is important to ask key questions to in order to design a product that successfully delivers value. This article reviews these key questions – What is the business objective, what is the context of product use, and what are user goals?

3 Tips for Navigating Enterprise UX
By Linn Vizard on
This article reviews the rise in enterprise UX and discusses how to create a successful ux project.

Corporate Vs. Design Agency: Perks And Pitfalls For UX Designers
By Yegor Tsynkevich on
“Just like in any workplace, there are pros and cons to each particular design work environment. Depending on whether you value structure or creative flexibility, there are many ways to keep your job interesting and advance your career.”

The Who/ What/ Why & How of Prioritising Research Insights
By Emma Meehan on
“It’s not good enough to only deliver research findings and move onto the next project. Researchers should strive to be the advocates for change.”

The Beginner’s Guide to Usability Testing
By Cindy McCracken  on
This is a great review of the types of user testing and the phases of testing i.e. preparing your product to test, finding participants, writing a plan and presenting your findings.

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