Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


The Next Phase of UX: Designing Chatbot Personalities
By John Pavlus on
“When the conversation is the interface, experience design is all about crafting the right words.”

14 User Facts Every UX Designer Should Know
By Evan Brown on
User-centric design is very important when it comes to user experience. Review these 14 facts about users that all UX designers should be aware of.

How User Experience is Revolutionizing Business
By Karen Clark Cole on
“No company can become or remain a leader if it doesn’t prioritize and put money behind creating a user experience that meets its customers’ needs, and more importantly, customer expectations.”

Observer Guidelines for Usability Research
By Susan Farrell on
It’s important to have guidelines for user research sessions in order to maintain your methodology and to ensure you gain useful insights.

10 Ways UX Research is Changing
By John Cutler on
This article discusses the way the UX field is evolving with the times (i.e. from pull based, just in-time research to a less linear product development process and the evolving role of product managers).

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