Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


The Next Phase of UX: Designing Chatbot Personalities
By John Pavlus on
“When the conversation is the interface, experience design is all about crafting the right words.”

14 User Facts Every UX Designer Should Know
By Evan Brown on
User-centric design is very important when it comes to user experience. Review these 14 facts about users that all UX designers should be aware of.

How User Experience is Revolutionizing Business
By Karen Clark Cole on
“No company can become or remain a leader if it doesn’t prioritize and put money behind creating a user experience that meets its customers’ needs, and more importantly, customer expectations.”

Observer Guidelines for Usability Research
By Susan Farrell on
It’s important to have guidelines for user research sessions in order to maintain your methodology and to ensure you gain useful insights.

10 Ways UX Research is Changing
By John Cutler on
This article discusses the way the UX field is evolving with the times (i.e. from pull based, just in-time research to a less linear product development process and the evolving role of product managers).

Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


27 Non-UX Books to Sharpen your UX Skills
By Marcin Treder on
Check out this great list of non-UX books for Uxers from psychology, philosophy, marketing, and business and strategy.

Why people participate in UX research (and why the reasons matter)
By Amanda Stockwell on
“Understanding the underlying contexts, motivations, and biases when people enter a study helps plan and interpret results in the most neutral way possible.”

Q&A with Sandra Gonzalez from Just Eat: UX in food tech
By Cassandra Naji on interviews Sandra Gonzalez, Just Eat’s Principle UX designer, and discusses how user experience can change the world for the better.

Five UX Myths to Avoid
By Bonny Colville-Hyde on
This is an important review of five of the most common problems, or ‘myths’, that perpetuate within UX work and can harm products.

The State of UX in 2016
By Leah Buley on
This article reviews the results of Leah’s latest study from May 2016 that asked UX pros from a variety of organizations about the state of UX where they work.






Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


Why Simplicity is Overrated in UX Design
By Robert Hoekman on
Is simplicity a real thing? Or is design the pursuit of something else entirely?”

Design Jargon, Simplified
By Kaycee Collins on
Check out this great review and explanation of some commonly-used design terms such as customer service, user design and design thinking.

Task Analysis at UX Designer’s Best Friend
By Interaction Design Foundation on
This article reviews the importance of using task analysis as well as defines and describes the process essential for any design project.

12 Things UX Champions Do
By Adam Polansky on
This is a great compilation of things champions do to help create great experiences that are the result of a good balance between Development and Design.

Benchmark Your UX at All Costs
By Ben Rogers on
“If benchmarking does not play a significant role at the beginning of your user experience projects, you are not designing for the user; you are designing based on your own assumptions and biases—and the latter will very likely produce undesirable results.”

Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


Creating usability test tasks that really motivate users
By David Travis on
This article discusses the importance of usability test tasks and outlines six different test task categories to review when creating a test.

What UX designers need to know about product management
By Sean Richards on
There is a lot of overlap in the role of UX designer and product manager. “UX shares the customer research load, guides best practice in product design and shepherds that through development. UX designers are critical to a product manager’s success.”

Just Because You’re Delighted by Your Product Doesn’t Mean Your Users Are!
By the
Testing your ideas with actual users ensures you maintain perspective.

Crafting UX/UI for the Millennial Audience
By Nicole Boyer on
Great article reviewing the key “rules” for designing for the millennial demographic (i.e. it must be mobile, the lure of video, customer self-service).

4 Forgotten principles of usability testing
By David Travis on
“Real people don’t behave that way because real people have specific objectives in mind when visiting a site and it’s those objectives you need to test your site against.”

Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


What UX Designers need to know about product management
By Sean Richards on
This article defines product management and discusses the overlap in roles between product managers and UX designers.

UX Design & Digital Storytelling: Why Story is central to User Experience
By Ashley Taylor Anderson on
“If we want to create digital experiences that deliver unique, compelling value to our users, then the inclusion of story is a crucial consideration.”

User Research, the not-so-secret weapon for startups
By Hernan Garcia on
User research supports early stage companies find the right direction. User research has real business impact.

What UX designer can learn from video games
By Joanna Ngai on
“UX design is about removing problems from the user. Game design is about giving problems to the user.”

5 Questions New UX Leaders Should Ask in their First Month
By Dave Malouf on
Successful UX leadership within an organization requires leaders to understand the people whom they work for and with.