Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


What is UX Writing?
By Kristina Bjoran on
This articles reviews what a UX writer is and their role within organizations and our daily lives.

The Many Paths to UX
By Sheena Lyonnais on
There are many pathways to a career in UX whether you come from a research or a design background.

Top 10 major risks of poor user recruitment: Is your recruitment negatively affecting your research?
Check out the major risks of poor user recruitment from not recruiting at all, no-shows to recruiting ‘experts’.

The top 7 ways to streamline forms and user journeys
By Catharine Crawford on
“The user is the focus of any website, but poor UX design can make or break your site and crush conversion rates. To help you start your website design off right, here are 7 ways in which you can streamline your user journey and ensure minimal user drop off.”

The State of UX Agile Development
By Hoa Loranger and Page Laubheimer on
“New research shows UX making strides in infusing user-centered design approaches into Agile development processes.”


Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


CapitalOne’s Alexa Project: Designing UX Without UI
By Indra Sofian on
This article is a summary of an interview with Stephanie Hay (Head of Content Strategy at Capital One), which explores the unique challenge of designing UX without a traditional UI.

Web Fonts are Critical to the Online User Experience – Don’t Hurt Your Reader’s Eyes
“Content really is King online. No matter how lovely your designs or how wonderful your navigation – without content, users are going elsewhere.”

Terrible UX Trends for 2017
By Christian Beck on
“In 2017, the best designers will use design systems. These are pages and pages of controls, colors, and fancy gridlines that show how something should be designed but not ACTUALLY designed.”

5 Inspiring user onboarding examples: great UX, better user engagement
By JustinMind on
This article discusses the importance, the basics and benefits of onboarding for a better user experience.

Top User Experience Trends Expected in 2017
By Yousef Khan on
This is a great review of some of the biggest, and impactful rising trends in user experience that we can expect to see in 2017 from conversational user interface to content chunking.

Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


Mobile UX Trends For 2017
By Hannah Levenson on
Check out the 5 biggest UX trends for mobile from conversational interfaces to navigation.

User Experience Will Become More Essential Than Ever in 2017
By Nigel Vaz on
“Similar to GPS redirection, UX will allow brands to create tailored experiences that recalibrate with each interaction”

How to Make Your UX Design Process Agile?
By Ritesh Patil on
This article reviews the 5 phases of the Google methodology developed to make the UI/UX design process simple and quick and still offer the best product.

The UX of Learning UX is Broken
By Dan Maccarone and Sarah Doody
This article discusses the state of UX education and how the design community can fix the way that people currently learn how to become great at UX.

The Principles of Service Design Thinking- Building Better Services
“Service design principles support the development of services which deliver high-quality experiences to users and customers.”


Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


Don’t Design this at Home…3 UI disasters to avoid
By Yona Gidalevitz on
This article discusses loathsome design. “It means something along the lines of “design decisions that make me want to die.” In other words, it’s the opposite of the recently popular “designing for delight” concept.”

Designing for the Human Side of Banking
By Jesse James Garrett on
Check out this case study about the culture of design at Capital One.

UX Design Process: Is There Really One?
By Jenna Erickson on
“A clear and concise user experience process can sometimes define the quality of the end product.”

Lean UX vs. Agile UX – Is there a difference?
By Marcin Treder on
This article is a great review of the difference between lean and agile ux.

The Evolution of UI/UX Designers Into Product Designers
By Nick Babich on
“Product design represents the next enlargement of design scope, from just user experience design towards an even broader state of design for an entire product.”




Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


How to become the perfect UX designer
By kristy Tobin on
This article reviews infographic from DesignMantic to help UX designers understand what they should know about web users.\

12 UX Rules Every Designer Should Know
By Vladimir Gendelman on
Review these 12 UX rules from understanding that UX is not UI to learning that UX showcases your brand to improve your projects’ usability and make you indispensable to your clients.

Uncovering user goals with the Espisodic Interview
By David Travis on
“The Episodic Interview is an approach to interviewing where participants are encouraged to recall concrete events, situations and episodes around an experience.”

Dismantling assumptions with user research
By Mary Treseler on
This article is a summary of an interview with Steven Portigal in which they discuss what the unpredictable nature of user research can teach us.

How to Improve User Research on a Budget
By Corey Malone on
Corey explores some practical tips that offer the most insights for the money and time required working with clients on a budget.