Marty Cagan and Jeff Gothelf Join Advisory Board. Lean Customer Research Academy Launches.

Happy New Year!

We made a New Year’s resolution to help you become awesome at Lean Customer Research. To help make our resolution a reality:

“Validately provides the very latest and best techniques for rapid iteration in product discovery. And, rapid iteration is the key to coming up with successful products – products that are not only technically feasible and usable, but most importantly, valuable enough that customers choose to buy or use.”

Marty Cagan

Silicon Valley Product Group Founder
Author of Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love

“I’m excited to join Validately’s advisory board for a variety of reasons not the least of which is the service’s capabilities to bring the user into the conversation quickly, efficiently and cheaply. At the heart of a great Lean UX workflow is customer feedback. Surprisingly, many organizations see the customer acquisition and research processes as laborious and costly leading to less of this work being done. Validately makes that an after-thought ensuring companies get quick access to the real-world market insight they need to make the best decisions.”


Jeff Gothelf
Author of Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience

The Lean Customer Research Academy offers free video courses on Lean Customer Research, usability testing, demand validation testing, and customer discovery tests. You’ll also be able to get certified in Lean Customer Research.

Learn about the Lean Customer Research Academy here!

Here’s to 2015!

Avoid these Mistakes..Or Your Usability Testing Results Will Be Worthless!

To drive customer engagement, a product or feature must both provide value and be easy to use. We covered demand testing in our post: “How to Validate Demand with a Prototype.” This post is about Usability testing.

While observing testing, we have noticed two common mistakes that we want to share in the interest of learning.

Common Usability Testing Mistakes:

Below are two different test structures with the same goal. Try to determine the two differences before I tell you.


The two key differences:

Did you guess the key 2 differences between the tests?

Read below to check…

How to Learn from Your Customers

Most people think that user testing is just usability testing. But usability testing is only one component of what you can learn from your customers. Lean User Testing includes:

  1. Usability testing – measuring whether a user can complete a specific action in your product
  2. Demand Validation testing – determining whether a user actually wants to use the product/feature that you are building
  3. Customer Discovery testing – determining demand from different customer segments
  4. Feature Prioritization testing – letting user actions not words determine their priority
  5. Solution Discovery testing – using the framework of conjoint analysis to let a customer’s actions determine the best solution

The below post dives deeper into all the components of Lean User Testing, including tactical process steps to execute each test.

How to Validate Demand with Prototypes

Creating a new feature or product that results in deep customer engagement is hard to do!

Jared Spool (a thought leader on UX and user research) explains why in his tweet…

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.33.15 AM


Testing usability is a known and well documented process. But are there ways to test demand for a new product or feature before you build it?

Yes! So long as you do it properly.

Here’s how..

Ship Faster Hack: Test Minimalist Versions

I love this…

apple, google, your app

Everyone knows that simplicity creates a better product, so why is it so damn hard to build something simple?

The answer is the process you use to validate what deserves to be built.