How to Learn from Your Customers

Most people think that user testing is just usability testing. But usability testing is only one component of what you can learn from your customers. Lean User Testing includes:

  1. Usability testing – measuring whether a user can complete a specific action in your product
  2. Demand Validation testing – determining whether a user actually wants to use the product/feature that you are building
  3. Customer Discovery testing – determining demand from different customer segments
  4. Feature Prioritization testing – letting user actions not words determine their priority
  5. Solution Discovery testing – using the framework of conjoint analysis to let a customer’s actions determine the best solution

The below post dives deeper into all the components of Lean User Testing, including tactical process steps to execute each test.

How to Validate Demand with Prototypes

Creating a new feature or product that results in deep customer engagement is hard to do!

Jared Spool (a thought leader on UX and user research) explains why in his tweet…

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.33.15 AM


Testing usability is a known and well documented process. But are there ways to test demand for a new product or feature before you build it?

Yes! So long as you do it properly.

Here’s how..

Ship Faster Hack: Test Minimalist Versions

I love this…

apple, google, your app

Everyone knows that simplicity creates a better product, so why is it so damn hard to build something simple?

The answer is the process you use to validate what deserves to be built.

Ship Faster Hack: Use Minimalist Testing to Prioritize Development

Does your user testing inform development prioritization? If not, it should, because it will help you ship faster!

Here’s how:

Let’s use our favorite example from the post on Minimalist Testing

apple, google, your app

How to do minimalist testing

Ship Faster Hack: Test on your Developers

Want to ship faster?

Then run user tests on your own developers before testing on anyone else.


How to test on your own developers: