Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


Use Design Thinking to Build Commitment to a New Idea
By Roger L. Martin on
“Design disciplines of deep user understanding and rapid, iterative prototyping have long been used to design better artifacts for customers. However, design won’t make a positive difference if those artifacts never make it to market.”

Write Better Qualitative Usability Tasks: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid
By Amy Schade on
“Writing good tasks for a usability study is an art, not a science, but there are still rules. Examine your tasks for these 10 common task-writing mistakes.”

The Bottom Line: Why Good UX Design Means Better Business
By Forbes Agency Council on
“Users have come to expect an optimized user experience as a basic requirement, and it’s now become a prerequisite implementation strategy across all platforms and devices.”

My 1st 365 Days as an In-House UX Designer
By Fahmida Azad on
Fahmida reviews the daily tasks and role of an in-house ux designer.

UX Patterns: Why Use Them?
By Dawn Schlecht on
The article reviews what ux patterns are and aren’t and what’s the rationale behind their development.



Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


How to Make User Research More Efficient
By Laura Klein on
Check out this awesome article on making research more efficient with Validately.


Why understanding Customer Experience makes you a great UX Designer
By Luca Longo on
“Companies that invest in improving their customer experience are more likely to increase their revenue and customer retention.”

10 Steps to Creating an Engaging Digital Experience
By Matt Orlic on
Check out these ten steps to following while refining the user’s online experience to create an interactive experience that directly engages the target audience.

Asking the right questions during user research, interviews and testing
By Fabricio Teixeira on
“Interviewing users is an art – whether you are running usability testing, focus groups, ethnographic research or whatnot.” Review these good practices for asking users the right questions.

What Psychology Studies Can Teach Us About UX and Web Design Principles
Apply behavioral psychology to your web design to boost your conversion rate.





Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


Is UX the new ‘going to the gym’?
“Understanding your online customer is a fundamental commercial imperative, without which design is, at best, merely guesswork.”

15 Psychology Hacks that Boost UX
By Tom Starley on
Psychology affects your users’ experience. Check out some of these hacks including encapsulate key areas of your page, use white space and ensure consistency.

Doing Strategy to People
By Matt Fenwick on
“Doing strategy better isn’t just about reframing our interpersonal relationships. It’s also about getting clear on how our work ties into business goals.”

Poor Management = Mediocre UX Design
By Kara Pernice on
Weak management support for UX and lack of UX leadership and role models correlate with unexceptional designs, according to data from 360 companies.

Asking the right questions during user research, interviews and testing
By Fabricio Teixeira on
This articles review best practices for asking users the right questions and the right way.






Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


Scanning Patterns on the Web Are Optimized for the Current Task
By Kara Pernice on
“How users attend to information on a page depends on their tasks and goals, as confirmed by new eye tracking research. Good design promotes efficient scanning. In usability studies, (biased) task formulation may tip users to discover features.”

11 Expert reveal how prototyping boosts product design & development
By Cassandra Naji on
“Product managers and UX teams from top enterprises tell us how prototyping tools help them solve software application design problems.”

The Difference Between Customer Experience and User Experience
By Blake Morgan on
This is a great review of the differences between customer experience and user experience and discusses how they must work together for the overall success of the product.

How to Perfect Your Mobile App’s Login Screen
By Hannah Levenson on
Check out the best practices for a mobile app’s login screen including simplifying registrations, allowing login via external accounts and keeping users logged in.

Intro Guide to UX Reviews for Web Designers
By Jake Rocheleau on
“A great UX review can do wonders for any website. By looking over the entire design you can learn what’s working, what’s not, and maybe find solutions that can increase the UX and ultimately increase revenues.”


Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


Misused mobile UX patterns
By Zoltan Kollin on
“Measure, test, validate — and don’t be afraid to unfollow the guidelines if that makes more sense.”

The UX Mistakes That Cost Companies Millions
By Caroline White on
This is a review of the five UX mistakes which have cost companies millions and what ux designers can learn from those mistakes.

Designing for Virtual Reality: designers talking about their biggest challenges
By Caio Braga on
“The next couple of years are going to be filled with designers and startups transitioning content from static screens to augmented overlays.”

8 UX Enhancements that your Customers will Love
Check out this article to review the great enhancements you can make in your user experience from rethinking your navigation to simplifying your registration process.

More and More C-Level Execs Waking up to the Benefit of User Research and Testing
By Steven Olenski on
“Support for UX, user research and end-to-end customer experience is rising. All types of organizations across multitude of industries are also seeing the benefit of user testing.”