How to Collaborate with Prototypes

Validately sat down with Victor Conesa, VP of Product Management at JUSTINMIND, the wireframing and prototyping tool, for an in-depth discussion on how to collaborate with prototypes, best practices prototyping for mobile, and more. Validately is excited to team up with Justinmind. Validately’s tools will be available to Justinmind users in early 2016. Collaboration is [...]

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UX Begins Before the Login and Ends after the Logout

There are two types of usability tests. The first type of usability test is one which you are all very familiar with - UI Usability. This is simply the test of whether a customer can click from page 1 to page 2 to page 3 to complete a task without getting confused. It is a [...]

UX Begins Before the Login and Ends after the Logout2019-03-28T14:58:51+00:00