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BCG Digital Ventures uses Validately to cut time and cost of UX insights by 50%, while getting more reliable feedback.

The lower the friction to test, the more likely you are to test, and the greater the chance for success. We all advocate testing early and often, but it’s easier said than done.

BCGDV has launched over 80 ventures globally, including new businesses and product lines, and are currently launching a new business every month. With Validately in their toolbox, they test on a regular basis, at a lower cost, allowing them to learn and adapt early and often.


“Before Validately, we had external and internal firms finding individuals to meet our criteria,” says Tony Pelosi, Product Director at BCGDV. “The external channel was twice as expensive, and that didn’t even take to account how we were we going to interview them and synthesize their behavior”

And that “how” was a real pain point. The team at BCG needed a wide range of available, digitally-savvy participants to observe for substantive, qualitative research. What they got were people from the local area, who were available to come in during business hours. And even then, getting value from those interviews was a headache.

“Before, we were using GoPros to do the recording and to uploading them into a file server. That was someone’s job, every night” Tony says.

“And then someone on the other end tried to stream it, if they had the bandwidth. Or they’d have to download those videos and then listen to them. It was kind of a headache.”

And when you have a lot of research to conduct, that meant a lot of headaches.


Back in 2015 BCGDV was looking for a tool or service to help them test an idea for an application they mocked up in Invisionapp. They did an analysis of us few tools and chose to go with Validately.

“The seamless integration for use with Invisionapp allowed us to create the test in a couple hours, adding steps to instruct the user what task to perform, asking questions after completing each task, and setting destination pages for easily measuring task successfulness.”

“We’ve continued to use Validately for almost 4 years for performing both concept testing of new ideas and usability testing of new features before developing them.”

The hook for other teams in the company was the reduced cost and faster recruitment of reliable product testers. “Using one service and tool to recruit and test and the ability to synthesize both quantitative and qualitative results as well, has made Validately a powerful all-in-one solution.”


  • “Recruiting of testers is easier, cheaper and we get better results than before. We spend about half the cost as before recruiting product testers. The ability to run unmoderated tests has made us more efficient and has allowed multiple people to watch and interpret the results”

    Tony Pelosi | Product Director, BCGDV

“Recruiting of testers is easier, cheaper and we get better results than before.”

Tony Pelosi | Product Director, BCGDV

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About Tony

Tony Pelosi is a Product Director at BCG Digital Ventures, where he has served as Product Lead or GM for half a dozen new ventures since 2014. As co-lead of the 50+ person US Product Management cohort, Tony is responsible for developing capabilities in research, ideation, engineering and design to execute on a new business vision. Read more about Tony on his LinkedIn.