Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


UX Writing: How to do it like Google with this powerful checklist
By Guy Ligertwood on
“These are my notes from a Google I/O 2017 talk by three UX Writers. It’s a great resource to start creating a UX Writing process within your organization. Useful for anyone involved in putting words on interfaces.”

A Checklist for Registration and Login Forms on Mobile
By Raluca Budiu on
Typing a password takes twice as long on mobile than on desktop. Follow these 12 guidelines to make registration and login less painful on mobile devices.

Product Design Exercises We Use At WeWork Interviews
By Artiom Dashinsky on
Use these exercises to practice your product-thinking skills.

Design principle: Error & Forgiveness
By Anton Nikolov on
“Design must minimize the negative impact of errors when they occur and provide a way to reverse them if possible.”

User Research Bias: How It Hurts Your App And What You Can Do About It
By Hannah Levenson on
This article shows you how new technology solutions could be used to supplement user research and negate biases.

Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


Storyboarding in UX Design
By Nick Babich on
“Storyboarding in UX is not easy. But it does work. Visuals are a great way to bring a story to life, so try to utilise them wherever possible.”

It Ain’t What You Do, It’s the Way That You Do It – Mobile App Usability Best Practices
“There are no absolute rules in usability design and your users should shape your design decisions as much as best practices do.”

5 of The Most Important UX Design Skills to Please Your User
Check out these 5 ux design skills you need to become an outstanding UX designer.

Low-Hanging Fruits For Enhancing Mobile UX
By Nick Babich on
This article reviews seven UX design tips that the writer thinks are key for creating really great mobile user experiences.

Why Great UX is a Pre-requisite for all Great Marketing
By Praveen Rajaretnam on
“If you invest in growth before you have retention, you are renting users, not acquiring them.”

Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


How to Make User Research More Efficient
By Laura Klein on
Everything but your research is taking more time than it needs to.

Mobile First, Desktop Worst
By Oliver Brooks on
“Mobile First should not be taken as an opportunity to over-simplify and, by the same token, Desktop First should not be taken as an opportunity to pile on complexity.”

Three Predictions for the Future of UX/UI
By Alex Poon on
Check out Alex’s predictions for the future of UX/UI including businesses will build fewer lousy apps; messaging will transform the enterprise space and a new class of designers.

Ethics In User Experience Design
By Hila Yonatan on
“The area of ethics in user experience design lies on a scale that ranges from providing complete freedom for users, up to making all the decisions for them.”

How To Explain UX Design To Anyone
By Mariano Goren on
This is a great review and easy to understand article on what is UX design.


Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


Fitbit: A UX Case Study
By Stacey Wang on
This case study follows IDEO’s Human-Centered Design and Lean UX Design Thinking process to review the Fitbit.

Loves me, loves me not
By Aga Szóstek on
“We tend to develop emotional attachments to products, services and technologies and these relationships have the ups and downs of their own. So, it’s not that hard for us to express our emotions towards them in a heat of a moment. Both good and bad. But when it comes to user studies those emotions seem somewhat inappropriate to express.”

Creating a More Human Conversational UX: Lessons from Google
By Dzuy Linh on
“To make conversational UX successful–desired by customers and useful to brands–we’ll need to first master the art of humanizing these conversations. The key to the bots succeeding is the human touch.”

UX Case Study: Dogfooding Products When You Can’t Test With Users
By Brendon Attebury on
“Internal user testing (dogfooding) is most valuable when there’s greater concern for qualitative feedback and less for validity.”

Listen Up: Boost Your Interview Skills for Better User Testing
By Ben Gremillion on
“User testing uncovers assumptions, helping you tailor user flows to how people behave. The result is a more intuitive product with less friction. But getting there requires UX designers to learn some new skills.”


Validately’s Weekly UX and User Research Roundup


How to Make User Research More Efficient
By Laura Klein on
Check out this awesome article on making research more efficient


How to work with UX designers to improve your visual design.
By Zakary Kinnaird on
“In order to make a product, service or site really function the UI and the user experience need to work together, this means we both the UI and UX designers need to work closely together.”

34 UX Guidelines for Search Box and Results Page
By Luca Longo on
Check out these guidelines that are outlined in five categories from how to design a search box to how to design advanced search.

A Proven Method for Showing The Value of Good UX
By Jared Spool on
“By definition, a user experience is good when it delights its users and poor when it frustrates them.”

4 Reasons in Invest in UX Design
By Rosie Allabarton on
“The more a company invests in and focuses on design, the more sales they see.” 

Eliminating bad user interview questions
By Tomer Sharon on
Bad user interview questions make it hard for an interviewee to answer or come up with reliable answers. Make sure you check your questions against this suggested list.